Freshman CS Major Wins GSURC Poster Award

Posted On July 19, 2017
Categories Student News

Nishant Sinha, a freshman computer science major, won a second-place poster award at the 11th Annual Georgia State University Undergraduate Research Conference (GSURC), held in April.

The title of Nishant’s poster was “Smart Signalling for Bicycles Using User Riding Behavior.” His project dealt with the problem that signaling devices are not mandatory for bicycles, leading to a safety concern for bicycle riders.

Nishant Sinha

Nishant Sinha with Dr. Larry Berman, Dean of the Honors College

Nishant’s project focused on creating a fully automated signaling device. The bicyclist’s cell phone sends data to the turn signal through a custom app. The app applies machine learning to the user’s riding behavior data—captured by the phone’s motion sensors—to improve the reliability of automatically detecting situations and providing signaling suggestions. Since a cell phone has limited storage space, all machine learning must be done in real time. Nishant’s poster focused on this issue, describing the algorithm and decisions to be made when the user’s profile is updated with data learned over time. This project was developed under the supervision of assistant professor Ashwin Ashok, as part of his Mobile Cyber Physical Systems Lab.

Nishant’s poster was judged to be the second best of the 51 posters in the conference’s Natural and Computational Sciences category. A total of 105 posters were presented at GSURC.

Nishant is an Honors College student and a Presidential Scholar.

Story by Jamie Hayes