Four Presidential Scholars Choose CS Major

Posted On April 29, 2020
Categories Student News

Georgia State’s Presidential Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship offered by the university. Only seven were awarded to members of GSU’s class of 2023, the current freshman class. Of the seven recipients, four chose computer science as their major.

When Eshan Bhojane was a child, he tried to build a car to drive to his little brother in the hospital. Although his plan fell through, it inspired a love of building and creating. As a student at Chattahoochee High School in Johns Creek, Eshan developed a successful company that sold computer appliances online. At GSU, he plans to continue advancing his coding and business skills as a double major in computer science and entrepreneurship.

Isaiah Richburg is pursuing a computer science degree because of his combined love for art and video gaming. His paintings and sketches often depict hip-hop artists and video-game characters, such as ones from the games he frequently played with his dad growing up. However, the canvas is not where Isaiah’s passion stops. He plans to use his skills in coding to create games and software that are more inclusive of a diverse community. Isaiah is also curious about the impact that violence in games has on developing minds.

Kathryn Szypulski was drawn to computer science by her love of films, particularly the digital special effects that are in widespread use. Her passion for movies is rooted in her experience in theater, where she began backstage assisting with set design but eventually found her way to the spotlight on stage. Now, with the capacity to design and build her own software, Kathryn intends to pursue her dream of making her own special effects for films.

Bronson Tharpe has been interested in computers since childhood. At an early age, he began collecting vintage computers and machines, such as a 1970s Tandy 102. His love of old computers soon turned into a passion for understanding hardware and programming. As a high schooler at Westminster Schools of Augusta, Bronson started buying new computers in bulk, then improving and reselling them for profit. At Georgia State, he intends to explore this passion for technology before pursuing a career in law.

The Presidential Scholarship is the closest to a full-ride scholarship that Georgia State offers. It covers the cost of tuition and fees, mandatory student fees, and housing, along with a yearly living expense stipend and a one-time $2,500 study-abroad stipend. The scholarship also provides access to individualized classes and mentorships plus the opportunity to compete for a paid University Assistantship that offers research and work experience.

Story by Ashlie Swanson