Yan Awarded NSF Research Initiation Grant

Posted On July 20, 2020
Categories Faculty News

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $175,000 grant to assistant professor Zhisheng Yan. The two-year grant will be used for research on cyberinfrastructure in wildlife monitoring and ways to help reduce its limitations.

The technology that is typically used for monitoring and managing wildlife suffers from a limited field of view and short recording periods, allowing important events to be missed. While there are cameras that are more panoramic, they contain only small amounts of storage, meaning video recordings are often only a few minutes long. Working alongside wildlife scientists at the Savannah River Site, Dr. Yan plans to design and develop cyberinfrastructure that will enable the capture of days to weeks of uninterrupted 360-degree, high-resolution wildlife videos. This cyberinfrastructure should also be useful in other research fields that rely on visual data collection, such as agriculture and archeology.

Dr. Yan’s grant was funded under NSF’s Research Initiation Initiative program (CRII), which is administered by the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering. CRII grants are intended to help support a faculty member’s research during the early years of their career.

Story by Ashlie Swanson