Li and Cai Win Wireless Sensor Networks Grant

Posted On July 27, 2020
Categories Faculty News

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $381,000 grant to Dr. Wei Li and Dr. Zhipeng Cai for research into improving the efficiency of wireless sensor networks (WSNs).

WSNs are essential to the high-demand field of generating sensory data, which provides support for deep learning and machine learning applications. However, collecting sensory data is made difficult by the many limitations of WSNs, such as limited lifetime, difficult battery replacement, and centralized network architecture. Dr. Li and Dr. Cai intend to use the grant to explore different solutions to these obstacles, including battery-free WSNs and distributed multi-task learning.

The three-year grant was funded under NSF’s Communications, Circuits, and Sensing-Systems (CCSS) Program, which helps support research in hardware and signal processing techniques as well as communications and sensing systems. CCSS aims to bring a wide spread of engineering innovations to a variety of fields, including healthcare, environmental monitoring, energy, and communications.

The grant’s principal investigator is Dr. Li, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science. Dr. Cai, an associate professor of computer science, is the co-PI.

Story by Ashlie Swanson