Ashok Awarded Google Cloud Research Credits

Posted On November 1, 2020
Categories Faculty News

Google has awarded assistant professor Ashwin Ashok $5,000 in Google Cloud Platform research credits. The credits will be used for research on graphology (handwriting analysis) and early detection of mental health issues.

Dr. Ashok and his team intend to develop an app that will use computer vision techniques to analyze handwriting samples and create a thorough summary of a user’s psychological traits. The project will aid in preemptively identifying mental health issues as well as making education materials on mental health more accessible to the public. Dr. Ashok is hoping to collaborate with researchers in public health, psychology, or neuroscience who share an interest in mental-health research.

Yashaswini Vishwanath, who earned an M.S. in computer science from Georgia State this year, began the project as her master’s thesis. Dr. Ashok has continued the project, assisted by Sethuraman T V, a graduate research assistant at GSU and fourth-year undergraduate student at Vellore Institute of Technology in Chennai, India.

The Google Cloud Platform offers a number of services, including compute, data storage, data analytics, and machine learning. The GCP suite, which functions on the same infrastructure as Google’s products (Google Search and Gmail, for example), is ideal for developing and hosting apps. The credits awarded to Dr. Ashok can be used for most services in the GCP suite, enabling his team to create the app that they want without spending additional funds on computing services or student working hours.

Applying for Google Cloud Platform research credits involves submitting a two-page proposal with a detailed explanation of how the credits will be used, followed by a rigorous four- to six-week review process by Google’s research and cloud computing teams.

Story by Ashlie Swanson