Name Title Affiliation Sponsor Office
Lu, Junling Visiting scholar Shaanxi Normal University Li 652K
Peng, Wei Visiting scholar Kunming University of Science and Technology Pan 652A
Sha, Yuhai Visiting Ph.D. student Harbin Engineering University Cai 650C
Sheng, Yu Visiting scholar Central South University Pan 650J
Wu, Yichun Visiting scholar Xiamen University Song 650D
Yan, Renwu Visiting scholar Fujian University of Technology Li 650F
Yu, Zeng Visiting Ph.D. student Southwest Jiaotong University Pan 650A
Zhang, Kejia Visiting scholar Harbin Engineering University Cai 650B
Zheng, Xu Visiting Ph.D. student Harbin Institute of Technology Cai 725

All rooms are on the 6th and 7th floors of the 25 Park Place building. A number followed by a letter denotes a cubicle on the 6th floor of 25 Park Place.