Current Students

Detailed instructions can be found on the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) website.

    1. If you a Ph.D. student, make sure to get approval from your Ph.D. advisor first. An email note from your advisor to the graduate director will be fine.
    2. Register for CSc 8940.
    3. Go to istart.gsu.edu to apply for CPT from ISSS.
    4. Email the graduate director a copy of your offer letter. In the email, provide the following information:
      • CPT course number: _CSc 8940_
      • CPT course name: __________
      • Number of credit hours: __________
      • Maximum work hours per week (select one):
        Part-time (20 hours or less) ___
        Full-time (21 hours or more) ___
      • Company name: __________
      • Company street address: __________
      • Company city: __________
      • Company state: __________
      • Company zip code: __________
      • Start date of employment (M/D/Y): __________
      • End date of employment (M/D/Y): __________
      • Please explain how the employment is integral to the student's curriculum: __________
    5. You are done.

An international student may be approved to enroll for less than a full-time course load for the following reasons:

Final Semester: This is the student's last semester, the student needs less than a full course load to complete the degree, and course(s) are required to complete the degree.
Thesis/Dissertation: The student has completed formal coursework and is engaged in full-time thesis/dissertation/project work.

Some other reasons may also be approved. Detailed instructions can be found at the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) website.

To apply for a Reduced Course Load (RCL), follow these steps:

  1. Go to istart.gsu.edu to apply for RCL from ISSS.
  2. Email the graduate director the following information:
    (a) Which semester you will graduate (if you are a Ph.D. student, also ask your advisor to email your graduation semester to the graduate director)
    (b) A filled copy of the M.S./Ph.D. plan-of-study form
    (c) A copy of your GSU transcript

  1. Complete all M.S. degree requirements (or Bioinformatics Concentration requirements).
  2. Check paws.gsu.edu; if you see M.S. degree, just apply for it and you are done.
  3. If you a Ph.D. student, you can only apply for the M.S. degree after finishing your research proposal. Then, bring the following documents to the graduate director to apply for the M.S. degree: (a) The plan-of-study form with courses taken and grades. (b) A hard copy of your PAWS transcript. (c) A hard copy of your first-authored paper.

Students are strongly encouraged to look for opportunities to publish their ideas and work. All doctoral students are required to publish articles prior to completion, although there is no minimum number. Publications are the most important tool for communicating a good idea and for demonstrating that the broader research community considers an idea to be important and well developed. The feedback obtained from referee reports or a conference presentation can be extremely helpful in developing further research and writing the dissertation.

Prospective Students

Please refer to the Student Financial Services website for tuition and fees for both graduate and undergraduate students.
Please refer to the International Student & Scholar Services website for tuition and fees for international students.