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Anu Bourgeois

Associate Professor    

B.S., Electrical Engineering, Louisiana State University, 1991
B.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Louisiana State University, 1994
M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Louisiana State University, 1997
Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Louisiana State University, 2000


Wireless networks, algorithm design and analysis, dynamic reconfiguration


Dr. Bourgeois’ research focuses on algorithm design, architecture, fault tolerance, and energy efficiency for wireless and optical networks. She has proposed a dynamically reconfigurable model composed of pipelined optical buses and developed a number of efficient algorithms for the model, including some for molecular dynamics simulation and image processing.

She is currently working on issues for wireless sensor networks. These networks have a wide range of applications such as industrial and commercial control and monitoring, military, automotive sensing, health care, and precision agriculture. The nodes in the network coordinate to perform a common task, so the problem of energy waste can cause node failure and eventually make the whole network unusable because of network partition. To address these issues, she is studying methods to extend the lifetime for wireless sensor networks. This includes developing energy efficient protocols, optimizing the utilization of resources available, and investigating techniques to defend against malicious attacks.


M. Valero, R. A. Beyah, and A. G. Bourgeois, DEEP: a deployable energy efficient 802.15.4 MAC protocol for sensor networks, to appear in Proceedings of the IEEE International Communications Conference (ICC), May 2010.

E. Cho, A. G. Bourgeois, and J. A. Fernández-Zepeda, Examining the feasibility of reconfigurable models for molecular dynamics simulation, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, Ayia Napa, Cyprus, June 2008, pp. 109–120.

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L. Cheng, X. Zhang, and A. G. Bourgeois, GTS allocation scheme revisited, IET Electronic Letters, vol. 43, no. 18 (2007), pp. 1005–1006.

A. G. Bourgeois, Fault resilient routing protocols and dynamic power management for ad hoc wireless networks, in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks, X. Yang and Y. Pan (eds.), Nova Science Publishers, 2005.