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Hassan Babaie

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1984


Research Interests: Structural Geology, Geoinformatics


Current Research of Hassan Babaie:

  1. Geoinformatics – This project involves design and development of domain ontologies and markup languages and associated relational databases for structural geology and tectonics, rock, and planetss with W3C XML Schema, OWL (Web Ontology Language), and unified modeling language (UML).. The systems will allow geologists to interchange and reuse geological knowledge and store, retrieve, and interchange geological data on the Web.
  2. MS student Ajay Tripathi is currently working on the development of an ontology for environmental sciences under my supervision. This involves developing ontologies for the hydrosphere component of the environment, using OWL and Protégé 3.0. The final system, based will allow hydrogeologists to store and retrieve data from a specially-designed database, and interchange those environmental data on the Web.
  3. GIS Applications – This project involves PhD student, Katayoun Mobasher, who is working, under my supervision, on her dissertation, using fractal and geostatistical analyses of faults and other structures in the Zagros Range, Iran, applying GIS and remote sensing. The dissertation deals with the effects of the reactivation of Precambrian basement faults on the distribution of fractures and stratigraphic facies changes, and their influence on the productivity of oil and gas fields.