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Saeid Belkasim

Associate Professor    

B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Al Fateh University, Libya, 1976
M.Eng., Electrical and Computer Engineering, McGill University, Canada, 1985
Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Windsor, Canada, 1990


Pattern recognition, digital image processing


My research is in pattern recognition and digital image processing, focusing mainly on shape retrieval from large databases and extending it to applications in bioinformatics.

My publications have received more than 600 citations, including more than 160 refereed international journals and more than 120 refereed conference proceedings. I have published more than 50 refereed journal and conference papers. These papers cover many aspects of research dealing with image segmentation, image enhancement, image description, biological image processing, and embedded system design.

The quality of my research is very evident from the large number of citations that my publications have received. The most cited publication is “Pattern Recognition with Moment Invariants: A Comparative Study and New Results.” This article is one of the most frequently cited; it has received more than 330 citations, according to Google Scholar. This article also won the prestigious most honorable mention award sponsored by the International Pattern Recognition Society. Moment invariants are very extensively used as feature descriptors in image databases.

Image databases is a very relevant area for today’s web programming and cloud computing requirements. The accuracy of retrieval is very critical factor for large image databases and, in particular, for biological and medical images. I have established several collaborative projects with biologists to solve this problem and introduced efficient algorithms in many published articles. The biological data ranges from images of biofilm bacteria to images of crayfish neurons.


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