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Ying Zhu

Associate Professor    ,

B.Eng., Computer Science, Southwest Jiaotong University, China, 1991
M.Eng., Computer Science, University of Electronic Science & Technology, China, 1994
Ph.D., Computer Science, George Mason University, 2000


Computer graphics, visualization, human-computer interaction, bioinformatics


My research areas include computer graphics, visualization, and human-computer interaction.

In computer graphics, I am interested in real-time 3D visual simulation. My goal is to develop novel techniques that help create realistic 3D graphics environments for training, education, and research. For example, I have developed new techniques for surgical simulation, flight simulation, and ground vehicle simulation. I have collaborated with biologists to develop a 3D graphics simulator that helps study the neural basis of adaptive behavior.

I am also interested in developing visualization techniques that help uncover hidden patterns in large data sets. Particularly I focus on integrating visualization methods with data mining or other artificial intelligence techniques. For example, we have developed techniques for visualizing neuron circuits, text readability, and patterns of online collaborations.

In the area of human-computer interaction, my past and current projects include augmented reality, graphical password, and large scale visualization wall. I am particularly interested in the problem of analyzing and managing the complexity of human-computer interactions.


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