Bioinformatics exists at the cutting edge between computational sciences and life sciences, where the complexity inherent in biology leads to serious challenges in theoretical and practical computer science. Due to the advances in scientific instrumentation as well as genomic techniques, there has been an explosion of information discovered from living organisms, especially in the areas of molecular biology and genetics. Our faculty are busy inventing new algorithms, techniques, and methodologies to efficiently process and mine biological data.

Over the past seven years, department faculty have published over 300 bioinformatics research papers, received around $3M in external funding for bioinformatics research, directed and graduated 25 Ph.D. students in bioinformatics, and have been recognized for their contributions through awards and editorial positions.

Faculty: Saeid BelkasimAnu BourgeoisRobert HarrisonYingshu LiYi PanRaj SunderramanAlex ZelikovskyYanqing ZhangYing Zhu

Groups and Labs: Brains & BehaviorMolecular Basis of DiseaseNeuroscience Institute