Networks and Parallel and Distributed Computing

Today almost every part of our society—including business, power grid networks, social networks, transportation networks, biological networks, healthcare, and homeland security systems—employs networking and distributed computing technologies for their underlying core functionalities of communication and control.

Our faculty have been extremely successful in obtaining national funding for their research in this area. Six faculty members have won awards from the National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program, and four of these (Dr. Zhipeng Cai, Dr. Xiaojun Cao, Dr. Yingshu Li, and Dr. WenZhan Song) work in this research area. The CAREER grant, which emphasizes high-quality research and novel education initiatives, is the most competitive and prestigious award from NSF to young faculty members in science and engineering fields. In addition to CAREER awards, department faculty have won several other grants for research in networks, security, and distributed and parallel algorithms for networked systems.

Faculty: Anu BourgeoisZhipeng Cai, Xiaojun CaoYingshu LiYi PanSushil PrasadWenZhan SongAlex ZelikovskyYanqing Zhang

Groups and Labs: Distributed Mobile Systems Laboratory (DiMoS)Sensorweb Research Laboratory