Current Grants

Rafal Angryk (Institutional PI), Large-Scale Content-Based Image Retrieval System (CBIR) for Interactive Search, NASA, 2014–2016, $75,000

Rafal Angryk (Institutional PI), LWS: Robust Prediction of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field using Statistical and Physics-Based Model Approaches, NASA, 2015–2019, $499,789

Rafal Angryk (PI), CIF21 DIBBs: Systematic Data-Driven Analysis and Tools for Spatiotemporal Solar Astronomy Data, NSF, 2014–2017, $1,499,933

Anu Bourgeois (co-PI), Catalyzing Transformative Change in the STEM Disciplines at Georgia State University, NSF, 2013–2015, $249,226

Zhipeng Cai (PI), CAREER: Routing in Cognitive Radio Networks Considering Activities of Primary Users, NSF, 2013–2018, $277,729

Xiaojun Cao (PI), NeTS: Small: Design and Analysis of Spectrum-sliced Elastic Optical Path Networks, NSF, 2011–2015, $197,723

Yi Pan (PI), WenZhan Song (co-PI), Capacity Building: Collaborative Research: Integrated Learning Environment for Cyber Security of Smart Grid, NSF, 2013–2016, $153,028

Yi Pan (PI), Yanqing Zhang (co-PI), Michael Weeks (co-PI), Collaborative Research: Real World Relevant Security Labware for Mobile Threat Analysis and Protection Experience, NSF, 2013–2016, $60,000

Sushil Prasad (PI), Collaborative Research: CI-ADDO-NEW: Parallel and Distributed Computing Curriculum Development and Educational Resources, NSF, 2012–2016, $1,100,707

Sushil Prasad (PI), Toward Parallel and Distributed Computing into Core Curriculum of CS/CE Undergraduates, NSF, 2011–2015, $99,890

WenZhan Song (PI), CPS:Medium:Collaborative Research:Information and Computation Hierarchy for Smart Grids, NSF, 2011–2016, $246,453

WenZhan Song (PI), Collaborative Research: CDI-Type II: VolcanoSRI: 4D Volcano Tomography in a Large-Scale Sensor Network, NSF, 2011–2016, $805,819

WenZhan Song (PI), CyberSEES: Type 2: Collaborative Research: Real-time Ambient Noise Seismic Imaging for Subsurface Sustainability, NSF, 2015–2018, $525,025

WenZhan Song (PI), CAREER: Collaborative Communication and Storage for Sensor Networks in Challenging Environments, NSF, 2010–2016, $398,893

Alex Zelikovsky (PI), Raj Sunderraman (co-PI), Yi Pan (co-PI), Travel Support: 11th International Symposium on Bioinformatics Research and Applications, NSF, 2015–2016, $20,000

Yanqing Zhang (PI), Yi Pan (co-PI), REU Site: Summer Research for Undergraduates in High Performance Data Mining, NSF, 2012–2016, $309,483

Ying Zhu (PI), Scott Owen (co-PI), Courseware for Improving Undergraduate Students’ Debugging Skill in GPU Programming, NSF, 2013–2016, $174,021