Department Labs

Data Mining Lab (DMLab)

DMLab performs research on the storage, processing, retrieval, and analysis of massive, real-life data with highly dynamic spatial and temporal characteristics. Members of DMLab work in close collaboration with experts from solar physics, astronomy, business, geosciences, statistics, and other fields. Dr. Rafal Angryk is the director of DMLab.

Distributed Mobile Systems Laboratory (DiMoS)

DiMoS conducts research in the areas of distributed and mobile computing. Activities include the design and implementation of middleware for mobile devices, security in distributed environments, and the design and implementation of ad-hoc sensor networks. Dr. Sushil Prasad is the director of DiMoS.

Hypermedia and Visualization Laboratory (HVL)

HVL serves as a focal point for interdisciplinary research projects in the areas of hypermedia and visualization. Dr. Ying Zhu is the director of HVL.

Systems Integrated Modeling and Simulation (SIMS) Lab

The SIMS lab is involved in both fundamental research and applications of computer modeling and simulation. The lab develops modeling and simulation solutions for a wide range of problems in computer science and in interdisciplinary research areas such as ecological science, social science, and public health modeling and simulation. Dr. Xiaolin Hu is the lab’s director and principal investigator.