CS Undergraduates in Library

Computer science is the systematic exploration of all aspects of computation. Computer scientists work in fields as diverse as social media, gaming, security, and robotics. And researchers in other fields—environmental monitoring, for example—are increasingly turning to computer scientists to help them sift data and create models.

At Georgia State, computer science students learn to solve challenging problems and to master new technologies quickly. We also teach our students to work in teams to develop solutions. Pop culture might love the “lone programmer,” but we know employers are looking for people skills as well as technical skills, and we prepare our students accordingly.

We also encourage our undergraduate majors to connect to real-world opportunities. Our students intern at companies ranging from tiny start-ups to major corporations like Coca-Cola, Delta, and UPS.

Contact Information

For questions about the B.S. program, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies:

Dr. Xiaolin Hu
25 Park Place, Room 746
(404) 413-5716